Ranking The 30 Best Stand-Up Comedians of All-Time

30. Amy Schumer

Amy Schumer’s wit is as fearless as it is fierce. Schumer’s early stand-up comedy always had her playing coy and self-deprecating — with a smattering of smutty. Since then, she’s blossomed as a physical comedian, a feminist and a body-positive icon without losing that innocent charm. While her range came out more in her sketch show Inside Amy Schumer, her stand-up stings the most when she looks at how women are punished for seeking pleasure (in men, in liberation, and in life).

Image Source: Variety

29. Kevin Hart

Hart draws some of the largest crowds of any comedian in history because, simply put, he is a joy-making sparkplug of a performer. He’s entirely willing to be confused, doubtful, and hurt when not bouncing around the stage. Digging into tales of family, his failed marriage, and fatherhood, Hart just seems intent on making sense of things. He has sold out Madison Square Garden twice in one night, and became the first comedian in history to headline a show at an NFL stadium (Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia).

Image Source: TIME

28. Aziz Ansari

There are few working comedians today that are as infectiously enthusiastic on and offstage as Aziz Ansari. The Indian-American comedian’s early routines focused on the simple pleasures of pop culture. Ansari’s own overriding sense of joy and silliness informs all of his comedy. The audience sees it with the ridiculous neologisms of Parks and Recreation’s Tom Haverford — to the foulmouthed comic Randy in Funny People. Ansari is currently staying busy as ever. Aside from performing stand-up comedy all around the world, Ansari also wrote and starred in his own Netflix show, Master of None.

Image Source: Variety