Ranking The 30 Best Stand-Up Comedians of All-Time

27. Margaret Cho

If you’ve never heard of Margaret Cho, think the crude comedy of Joan Rivers, the politically-charged jibes of Bill Hicks, and the quick witted improvisation of Robin Williams. Think back to Cho’s first HBO comedy “Half-Hour.” The then-young comedian had material ranging from how she might get laid after two years of celibacy, to growing up with a loud, Korean mother. Her willingness to candidly talk about sexual escapades makes her the sort of funny, sex-positive feminist and LGBT activist younger comics continue to look up to.

Image Source: Philly Voice

26. Patton Oswalt

Patton Oswalt has more than a little to do with the triumph of dork culture in the new millennium. His obsessions with comic books gave nerds a champion in the world of comedy. Oswalt helped to elevate obscure arguments to an art form. Over the last few decades, Oswalt has steadily become one of the best stand-up comedians of his generation — and one of the most successful ones at that. With a lineup of incredible specials, film/TV roles and bestseller books, Oswalt has found success in a myriad of mediums. He shows no sign of slowing down.

Image Source: Realtor