Ranking The 29 Greatest Saturday Night Live Cast Members of All-Time

29. Kate McKinnon

McKinnon has been acting on SNL since 2012. Though initially a bit character, she quickly garnered the status as a core member of the show. As other notable cast members (Kristen Wiig) departed, McKinnon quickly took the torch as the show’s brightest star. It’s only a matter of time before she leaves the show for a more prominent film/television career. Some of her most notable impersonations include Jeff Sessions, Hillary Clinton, Justin Bieber, Ellen DeGeneres, and Elizabeth Warren.

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28. Laraine Newman

Newman was noteworthy from the standpoint that she was part of the show’s original cast back in the mid-70s. The Los Angeles native was known primarily for her role as Sherry — the over-the-top ‘valley’ girl. However, she also enjoyed the role of Lina Wertmuller.

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27. David Spade

For six years, Spade cut his teeth as a young comedian on SNL. Starting off initially as a writer, Spade transitioned into the realm of sketch comedy. His sarcastic, dead-panned delivery resonated with a large chunk of the show’s fanbase. The show also cultivated a strong bond with the late Chris Farley. On-screen chemistry between the duo was palpable. As such, it led to multiple feature films — including Tommy Boy and Black Sheep.

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