Little-Known Facts About the Cast of Vanderpump Rules

Bravo’s Vanderpump Rules is one of the most popular reality shows in all of television. The cast of 20 and 30-somethings from the heart of West Hollywood have no shortage of glitz, glamour, fun, or…drama. Headed by esteemed socialite/entrepreneur Lisa Vanderpump, the show chronicles a group of employees from two of Vanderpump’s bar/restaurants. This piece will look at all of the major characters from the show. It’ll also offer the reader some fun and interesting facts you might not have known about the reality stars.

Image Source: Tommy Garcia/Bravo/US Magazine

Lisa Vanderpump

Lisa Vanderpump is one of the most successful individuals in all of Hollywood. Her empire has led to Vanderpump having a rumored net worth of over $75 million. Though she has many interests — including fashion, philanthropy, activism, charity work, being a business owner, and animals — Vanderpump was trained for a completely different career growing up.

Image Source: Lisa Vanderpump IG Account