How Larry King’s Dark Secrets Forced Him Off The Air

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For over two decades, Larry King was ‘The King’ of evening television. The longtime host of Larry King Live on CNN enjoyed an incredible run which was highlighted by historic interviews and landmark television achievements. Over the years, however, King has since escaped the limelight. His exit from the small screen was abrupt and controversial – leaving many to wonder what exactly went down.

A Shocking Announcement

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In June of 2010, after 25 years of hosting the iconic program Larry King Live, King announced to the world that he would be stepping down from the position (with the show ceasing to exist). Nobody could have predicted this would happen at the time, as King routinely said he would never stop interviewing people throughout his lifetime. With that said, what exactly occurred that brought up this stark change of direction? The answer to that is complex – and requires understanding as to how King arrived as an award-winning journalist in the first place.