After Freddie Mercury Passed Away, He Left A Chunk Of His Fortune To The Woman He’d Called His Wife

Image: Dave Hogan/Getty Images

Queen frontman Freddie Mercury remains one of the most fascinating figures in pop history. Aspects of his life are still discussed frequently even today. But one person from his inner circle remains quite enigmatic: the woman Mercury once asked to marry him. After his death, she inherited a vast sum of money – and some harsh responsibilities. Indeed, the full story of her and Mercury is a fascinating one.

Image: Dave Hogan/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Everyone knows the name Freddie Mercury, but fewer people are familiar with Farrokh Bulsara. That was the name Mercury’s parents gave him when he was born in Stone Town, Zanzibar, in 1946. Since Zanzibar was a British protectorate at the time, he gained automatic British citizenship upon birth, which proved vital later on in Mercury’s life.