Michael Oher Finally Explains Why He Doesn’t Like The Film Based On His Life, The Blind Side

Image Source: franklintheatre.com

Re-creating a true story in the form of a film can be extremely tricky. While it is important to stay as close to the truth as possible, producers also need to make sure the movie is a hit. Because of this, many movies based on true stories are somewhat falsified into Hollywood versions. This adage holds true for the widely viewed 2009 film, The Blind Side. Despite receiving wonderful reviews, one critic in particular stood out.

That critic is Michael Oher, the NFL offensive lineman who the film is based on. Oher has many gripes with the film, most of which stem from the fact that he believes they portrayed things the wrong way. Upon making this statement, people were extremely curious as to what the truth really was – so Michael explained.